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Born and raised in London, England, I am a ceramic artist. I have a passion for ceramics and creating pieces that are simultaneously beautiful and thought provoking. I began pursuing ceramics more seriously after starting a family and reevaluating some life priorities.


I have an academic background in archaeology and a professional background in real estate development. Cultures and their urban landscapes both ancient and modern have always fascinated me. But it was after discovering the blissful joy of working with clay that I felt compelled to explore, through clay, the connection between built environments, past and present and the human interactions they provoke. 



I throw each piece on the potter's wheel by hand, leaving them to dry in the studio until leather hard. I then trim and create the foot before adding decorative details like carving and slip trailing. The pieces are thoroughly air-dried before being bisque fired.


This first firing removes all remaining moisture from the clay turning it into porous ceramic material. The pieces are then painted and glazed by hand and reloaded into the kiln for a second time at 1,220℃, the glaze melts into glass and binds to the clay making it water resistant. All gold decoration is hand painted at this stage with luster and fired for a third time. 


I love to work on the wheel, predominantly with white porcelain, focusing on the beauty of the form. Porcelain is a very fine grained clay with low plasticity which means it has a wonderful silky texture but can be a little more tricky to work with. The result however, is a highly durable, strong, bright white and often translucent  product with a smooth finish. 


Many of my pieces are created from recycled clay and I endeavour to reduce waste wherever possible during the process. There is a permanence to ceramics that really appeals to me, my work is made with great care and much consideration and my pieces are designed to last a lifetime. 


I am mindful of all my packing materials, and strive to reduce environmental impact and waste where possible, without compromising on quality.

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